VSP Rewards

VSP Rewards is the first ever digital sports rewards program

Members of the program are awarded “VSpoints” which can be used to:

  • Bid on auctions to attend sporting event experiences
  • Redeem “Custom Items”
  • Redeem exclusive “Access” events

More use cases of VSpoints will be included over time…

VSP Raffle System:

  • The sports icons on a VaynerSports Pass Card represent the specific sports raffles that holders are eligible for on a rolling basis
  • Rarer Cards & more icons = higher odds of winning raffles

VSP Rewards Program:

  • VSP Rewards is an add on to the VSP Raffle System
  • You are awarded VSpoints after making a purchase based on how many VSP NFTs you own. More cards = more VSpoints awarded
  • For this Season - You must purchase the VSPFP NFT to receive points

This is where you’ll spend your VSpoints. New sporting experiences, custom items and access events will be added to the Rewards Shop and members can bid or redeem them using their VSpoints

Seasons are the timeline which the VSP Rewards Program will operate on. At the start of every Season there will be point of purchase which will grant you more points. Each Season we’ll introduce new features, achievements and events and will last about 2 - 3 months.


VSpoints are the official off-chain currency of the VSP Rewards Program - these will be used in the VSP Rewards Shop to redeem and bid on sporting events, custom items and exclusive access

For this initial launch - You must purchase the “PFP NFT” which will grant you a base amount of VSpoints + additional VSpoints if you own VSP NFTs at the time of purchase

All benefits that the VSP Rewards Program provides such as:

  • bidding on sporting events
  • redeeming custom items such as merch, sports memorabilia and more
  • gaining exclusive access

    For Season 0 - the only way to receive VSpoints is by completing the one time purchase of the PFP NFT

    In a few months time - Season 1 will begin and there will be another point of purchase allowing you to receive more VSpoints


    Experiences will primarily consist of ticketed live sporting events

    This can include opportunities to attend your favorite sports team games with other VSP community members and meetups before or after the game

    Experiences can also include sporting events where you'll have an opportunity to meet professional athletes

    These will mainly fall under the “redeemables” category where you can redeem an item for a fixed price of VSpoints. Examples include signed sports memorabilia, merch, trading cards etc...

    This category will consist of exclusive digital and physical access opportunities. Examples include:

    A tour of the New York VaynerX office, a virtual call with an athlete, a round of golf etc...

    New experiences, custom and access items will be added every week to the Rewards Shop!

    Other FAQ

    A prize will be put up for auction where:

    • A specific number of winning spots will be open for bid
    • Members can bid using their points to win one of the limited spots in the auction
    • The auction will be timed and any bid placed under 2 minutes left will reset the timer back up to 2 minutes
    • At the end of the auction, the winners will have their points removed from their account and the rest of the users will have their points returned to their account
    • The VSP team will then get in contact with the winners to receive their prize

    The VSP team will contact you over email, Discord or Twitter to coordinate the event details. Tickets will be sent to you with enough lead time before any event. If you have any questions please open a support ticket in the VaynerSports Pass Discord or email [email protected]

    Every “X” points spent = another entry

    The “X” points per entry will change depending on the value of the item

    Winners will be randomly drawn, members will not have their points returned at the end of the entry period

    You will spend a fixed amount of points and receive either an item or access in return. Redeemables will have a limited supply and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis

    Yes you can! In the VSP Rewards Shop, click on the “Request an event” button and fill out the form to request a sporting event.

    We will be constantly looking through those to see which events we should look to add to the Rewards Shop

    The terms and conditions can be found here

    Every Season, VSP Rewards members will have an opportunity to earn achievements within the rewards program

    Achievements will be used to highlight active participants, OG holders and committed members